Will the Brass Goat Fit My Firearm: The Ultimate Guide

Brass Goat will fit your firearm

The Brass Goat is a tactical brass catcher that is designed for AR-15 rifles. It solves many of the problems commonly associated with other brass catchers, particularly those that are made with wire frames and heat-resistant mesh bags that are designed to mount to rail space.

If you need to know if the Brass Goat will fit your firearm, here’s your quick guide that has all the answers.

Will the Brass Goat Fit My Firearm?

The Brass Goat is not intended to mount to rail space. Instead, it is designed to mount directly to the magwells of mil-spec AR-15 lower receivers. It attaches and detaches without tools.

The Brass Goat Works with:

The Brass Goat is compatible with mil-spec AR-15 lower receiver magwells, provided the upper receiver paired to it has a right-handed ejection port.

It is also compatible with extended magazine releases, Magpul BAD levers, and suppressors.

The Brass Goat Does Not Work with:

However, there are a number of platform features with which the Brass Goat will not be compatible. Notably, the Brass Goat is not compatible with left-ejecting upper receivers, side-charging upper receivers, or platforms that use extended take-down pins.

The Brass Goat is also not compatible with the AR-10 or AR-308 or with the 6.5 Creedmoor.

However, please note that the development of an AR-10 compatible Brass Goat is underway. Please visit our homepage and click the “Notify Me” button at the bottom left of the page to receive a notification when we launch the AR-10 compatible Brass Goat.

Cartridge Compatibility

In addition to 5.56mm NATO and .223 Remington, the Brass Goat is compatible with a wide range of cartridges in which AR-15 rifles have been chambered.

The Brass Goat is compatible with:

  • .17 Remington
  • .204 Ruger
  • .22 Nosler
  • .224 Valkyrie
  • .35 Viper
  • .458 SOCOM
  • .50 Beowulf
  • 6.5 Grendel
  • 6.8 SPC
  • 7.62x39mm
  • .300 Blackout
  • .350 Legend
  • .450 Bushmaster

In addition to being compatible with these popular cartridges, the Brass Goat also has a dedicated mount that has been designed around the S&W M&P-22, which addresses the discrepancies between lower receiver dimensions. With this mount, you can add .22LR to the list of cartridges with which the Brass Goat is compatible.

No Zipper at the Bottom? No Problem!

Many brass catchers on the market are designed with a wire frame and rail mounts. The wire frame holds a heat-resistant mesh bag in a semi-rigid configuration which is designed to collect fired brass.

For the purposes of emptying these brass catchers, there is typically a zipper built into the design of the bottom of the bag.

It sounds good in theory, but in practice it is cumbersome and requires both hands to empty the brass catcher.

The Brass Goat is endowed with no such handicap. By contrast to the “bag design,” the Brass Goat is compatible with a BG-15 Standard Hopper that holds up to 30 rounds of .223 or 5.56, as well as with a Mini Hopper that has a smaller capacity. For cartridge capacities, see the previous link.

Problems the Brass Goat AR-15 Brass Catcher Solves

In addition to the benefits that have already been enumerated, there are plenty of other advantages that the Brass Goat deflector and hopper offer over other sorts of AR-15 brass catchers. These are among the most significant of them.


  • The Brass Goat sports a streamlined profile that won’t obstruct your sight picture.

    Some brass catchers are unwieldy, obstruct the sight picture, and get in the way, making target acquisition difficult and time consuming. The Brass Goat, with its low profile design, does not.

  • Brass Goat keeps your rail space free.

    Other brass catchers mount to your rail space, obstructing the viability and expandability of the platform. Magwell Mounts understands that rail space is there for other vital accessories. Consequently, we picked a different, less obstructive mounting point for the Brass Goat’s design.

  • The Brass Goat will not melt or catch fire.

    So-called “heat-resistant” mesh bags have been known to melt and even catch fire during strenuous sessions of range therapy, or in shooting competitions. The Brass Goat is made of solid, molded ABS resin and will neither melt nor catch fire, no matter how “hot” the range gets.

  • It is easy to attach, detach and empty.

    The Brass Goat does not require tools for mounting, allowing for rapid attachment and detachment. In addition, compatibility with the detachable hopper makes it much easier to empty the brass catching system.

  • The proprietary deflector design will not jam.

    The Brass Goat deflects brass while shooting and then captures that brass in the detachable hopper. The system easily collects your brass, and ensures that the flight pattern of the brass is deflected and captured appropriately. It captures fired brass without jams, when used properly. 

  • It is designed to resist extreme conditions.
    The hard, molded ABS from which the Brass Goat is constructed is extremely resistant to the elements. It is weatherproof, waterproof, and remains durable and resilient even at extreme temperatures and under other conditions.
  • Will not snag on gear or brush.
    A pet peeve of some hunters or competitive shooters is that brass catchers made with mesh bags are sort of “sticky.” That is, they can easily tangle on gear and other shooting accessories.

For More Information

Brass Goat Fit My Firearm

Still wondering if the Brass Goat will fit your firearm? If you need a better type of brass catcher, the Brass Goat is likely just what you are looking for. In a word, the Brass Goat has you covered.

For more information on Brass Goat compatibility click here or get in touch with us directly. You can reach us by email at Admin@MagwellMounts.com.

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