Will Brass Goat work with my firearm?
Brass Goat is compatible with AR-15 mil-spec lower receivers. For more details on compatibility click here.

Does Brass Goat jam?
The Brass Goat is specifically designed and engineered not to jam. The curvature of the deflector ensures that the flight pattern of the brass is directed down into the hopper. Our proprietary deflector design allows for a streamlined profile without causing any jams.

What should I know before using Brass Goat?
We recommend using a small amount of gun lubricating oil on your lower receiver prior to attachment in order to reduce friction. We also polish our receivers with lubricating oil after removing Brass Goat, although it's not required.

What is the warranty/return policy?
Brass Goat comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, or if Brass Goat doesn't fit your firearm, email us at admin@magwellmounts.com to initiate your refund.

Brass Goat also comes with a limited 1-year warranty on the deflector and mount. Click here for more information on the refunds and replacements.

How do I attach and remove Brass Goat from my firearm?
Click below to view our quick video tutorials on attaching and removing Brass Goat.



Do you make a version for firearms besides the AR-15?
Currently Brass Goat is only available for the AR-15. We are in active product development for future variations and feedback from customers and firearm owners is key in helping us produce the firearms accessories on the market. We are working quickly to launch the AR-10 Brass Goat in mid-2021.

Click here to be notified when we launch the AR-10 version.

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