Qualifying the Best Brass Catcher

Qualifying the Best Brass Catcher

Of all the shooting accessories out there, brass catchers are some of the most straightforward. There’s also only so much that can be done to improve the design because the function is so basic - but we think we’ve cornered it with the design of the best brass catcher on the market: the Brass Goat.

Let’s cover some of the most common searches for these types of basic - but necessary - shooting accessories.

What Is the Point of a Brass Catcher
The point of a brass catcher is very straightforward. Even the best brass catcher out there has the same basic purpose as any other.

It catches spent shells that your ejection spits out, preventing them from scattering about wherever you’re shooting or getting lost among debris or in the grass or leaf litter. And so on and so forth.

With that said, brass catchers vary significantly in form. Without a doubt, some of the most popular brass catchers in the industry are the mesh bag brass catchers, a la Caldwell brass catchers, that are made of a wire frame that supports a heat-resistant mesh bag via a hook and loop closure.

These brass catchers mount to a section of the rifle’s handguard or over the rail, covering the ejection port. Some of them are made with a zipper on the bottom of the bag so that spent casings can be emptied easily without the need to remove the brass catcher from the rifle.

Heat-resistant nylon is a popular material because it does a relatively good job of dispersing heat, but during periods of intense fire, these types of brass catchers have been known to melt or catch fire.

Our Brass Goat uses a different mounting system and is made from different materials. Instead of mounting to a section of rail over the receiver, the Brass Goat mounts to the magwell of mil-spec lower receivers, without the need for tools. It is also made from hard, ABS resin, so hot brass casings are powerless to melt or damage it. While it lacks a zipper at the bottom, it is compatible with a detachable hopper that holds up to 30 rounds of .223 spent brass and can be emptied just as easily. Just as easy to attach as a Pic rail brass catcher, our model is slim, light, and effective.

All the same, the function of all different types of AR-15 brass catchers is the same.

Do You Need a Brass Catcher?
Only you can answer the question of whether or not you need a brass catcher, but the answer may depend on the circumstances in which you shoot.

●Do you hunt with an AR or other sporting rifle? Hunters may observe the practice of leaving no trace behind, just like other outdoorsmen. That extends to spent brass, which can be difficult to locate in the brush after a sporting rifle has ejected them. A serviceable brass catcher can help keep you from losing your old casings.

●Do you shoot at ranges where brass catchers are mandated? If your range requires the use of weapon-mounted brass catchers, then you have your answer and need to use one, at least while shooting there.

●Do you handload or save brass for any other reason? Again, this is a matter of choice. Handloaders don’t need to use brass catchers, but they do save brass, and a brass catcher will help facilitate the hobby.

●Do you compete and want to save your brass? (Or, does the organizer require it?) Those who engage in competitive shooting may be required to use a brass catcher on the range. If by chance the organizer does not require a brass catcher, you may still want to use one if only because you may not be allowed to go back and collect your spent brass. Not that that’s feasible, anyway.

How Much Is a Brass Catcher?
Prices of brass catchers vary but they are on the more affordable end of most shooting accessories, due mostly to their simplicity. Our Brass Goat brass catcher comes in at $39.99 and is highly rated by our customers (just check out our reviews).

Other Picatinny rail mount and mesh bag brass catcher prices vary according to vendor.

How Do You Mount a Brass Catcher?
Most designs in brass catchers allow you to mount the accessory right to the top of the rail over the receiver, so the catcher covers the ejection port. Many of these brass catchers are designed for compatibility with Pic rail mounts.

Our Brass Goat is different from rail-mounted accessories because it attaches directly to mil-spec lower receiver magwells. It can be mounted in seconds, without the need for tools.

What Is the Best Brass Catcher Design?
Many brass catcher designs include flexible or semi-flexible materials in their design. While these are light and not entirely without virtue, we believe the best brass catchers make use of a rigid design incorporating extremely durable materials.

For example, our Brass Goat, which is made from extremely durable molded ABS resin, is effectively impervious to the heat of hot brass. It will never melt or catch fire.

In addition, the same material is exceptionally resistant to the elements, as it will not absorb water or oil. It is also easy to clean when compared to mesh or other textiles, as these can be gummed up by fouling and other residues that are difficult to remove.

Moreover, the orientation of the Brass Goat beneath your sight picture will not inhibit target acquisition, keeping your focus clear. Mesh and other soft or fabric brass catchers can also catch on debris, leaves, and twigs in the field, which is an aggravation for hunters that bring their ARs into the field.

Want to Learn More about the Best Brass Catcher?
If you still have questions about the Brass Goat, its features, capacity, how to mount it, or just about Brass Goat compatibility, get in touch with us directly at 1-833-MAGWELL or Admin@MagwellMounts.com.

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